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Colorado Endodontic Specialists, PC

Littleton, CO


Hien, our Office Coordinator, has over 20 years of business experience in endodontics. If you have been to CES, there's a big possibility you have seen her at the front checking you in, checking you out, or even assisting Dr. Mac. She is a natural leader with a caring heart and always prioritizes patient care. She is family-oriented and loves hiking and cooking for her family on the weekends. 


Melana has outstanding skills in patient care. Although she may be assisting Dr. Mac at times, she is an excellent treatment coordinator! She is attentive to each patient and ensures that everyone recieves quality care. This may be credited to her family-oriented and generous attitude, and we are happy to have her on our team!

Mai (Ami)

Mai is our lead assistant with a fun-loving personality. Though she started with CES in the spring of 2017, it seems like Mai has been here forever. Patients are often appreciative of the way she assists Dr. Mac in a smooth and synchronized way. Mai is ready to help others everyday, always with a smile. 


Serena is a dental assistant here at CES. Although she was born in Wisconsin, she was raised in Colorado as the second of four siblings. She is adventurous and strong, and she provides calm focus in assisting Dr. Mac. She aspires to be a dental hygienist, and is a valuable member of our team. 


Eden is a full-time college student at Biola University with aspirations to be in the health field. Although she is not physically in the office, she lifts team spirit through our online presence and marketing pieces. If you respond to any of our Facebook posts, it will be Eden behind the screen! 


Ivy is a recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University and enjoys working in healthcare. Her off-site administration support keeps all CES operations running effortlessly. She will be continuining her education, persuing her Masters of Science at the University of Colorado Denver, and we're so excited that she will be working with us more often.